[Top 50] Spider Man Creates Location In Bgmi and Pubg

Image about All location of spider create in bgmi and Pubg

All Spider-Man Create Location In Pubg and Bgmi:

Finally, BGMI and PUBG have released their official updated version at the earliest. So now Mylta Power is trending hot drop in erangle in Spider-Man mode. The main feature of the update is that you will make "Ultra Legendary Camper".Many players or almost all players who will get webs shooter's of spider man web shooters will make campers. With their web-shooters, players are camping or reaching places, where no one can reach in simple erangle mode. So if you are confused about where are these Spider-Man Crates are placed, Then don't worry, I have collected all the created locations with images. So it will be easy to find the crates.

1)In Military Base at C Building 
At first floor

2)In Military Base at Station
Next to c building also known as stations.

3)In Military Base Inside the Radio Station
4)In Military Base At the top of the military base towers
5)In Military Base Inside Factory Building 
6)In Pochinki Between Triple Story Building
At the middle
7)In Pochinki At Cafe house in Firearm  8)In Pochinki At Behind the Grudge House In Tunnels 
9)In Mylta At Triple Story Building
10)At Prison In main Building 
On the first and second floors too.
11)At Mansion In Yellow Building, Next to Squad House
12) In Yasna Poliana At Big Building
13)In Yasna Poliana In Church
14)In Yasna Poliana Opposite To Church in This Cafe House 
15)Inside The Warehouse In Georgepool
16)In Severny In Triple Story
17)In Hospital At Top 
18)At Rozhok At Two Story Building
19)At Top Container In George Pool

20)Below the bridges
21)In the warehouse next to the Query
22)In Bottom off Shade in Query
23)At shelters
24)At corner sided Apartments
25)At schools
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Last updated on 
16 January 2022

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