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M6 Royal Pass All Leaks By Official

Finally, BGMI and PUBG M6 royal pass details are here. You will know all the detailed information of each reward in each RP level. Each reward has been told or told in the below table. The theme of the M6 royal pass is mainly on the winter theme. In these themes or seasons mixture of Christmas will be seen. The RP rewards are also a combination of Christmas rewards. The gun skins and outfits have the texture of Ice or a Christmas tree🎄.

Main Highlights of the M6 Royal Pass:

• Merry Yeti UAZ Skin
• Frozen Guardian Suit
• Meri Yeti Suit
• Meri Yeti Ornament
• Strange Shake Emote
• Vibrant Youth Set
• Frozen Guardian Emote
• Reptilian Gaze-UMP45 Skin
• Jolly Festival Helmet Skin
• Meri Yeti Win-94 Skin
• Silent Night MK12 Skin
• and many more...

Why do we have to M6 Royal Pass?

Many of the players should buy this Royal Pass Because in this royal pass there is a skin of Open UAZ. This skin is the second time in BGMI and PUBG. Only one skin of Open UAZ has been come till now. But now there is a fresh new skin of Open UAZ So many players will buy this Royal Pass.

RP LevelFree
Royal Pass Rewards
15 Supply Create Coupon ScrabMeri Yeti Set + Meri Yeti Win-94
250 AGSeason Portable Closet + 250 RP Points (M7)
3500BPUC/AG Selection
4Rating Protection Card (1 Time)1 Clasic Create Coupon Scrab
5Mission Card M6Meri Yeti Cover
710 SilverUC/AG Selection
8Classic Create Coupon Scrab ×2 15 Silver
95 RP Badge Voucher M6Motorcycle
105000 BPJolly Festival Helmet
11Supply Create Coupon Scrab × 5Mission Card M6
1230AG2X BP Card ( 1 Hour )
13RP Badge M6 × 6UC)AG Selection
14Rating Protection Card ( 1 Time )Classic Create Coupon Scrab × 1
15Strange Head Shake EmoteM6 Avatar Frame
1630AG1000 BO
1710 SilverUC/AG Selection
18Clasic Create Coupon Scrab × 3 Chicken Grafity
195 RP Badge Voucher M615 Silver
20500 BPMeri Yeti UAZ Skin (Open)
212X BP Card ( 1 Hour )Rainbow Trail × 3
2230 AG15 Silver
2310 SilverUC/AG Selection
24Supply Create Coupon Scrab × 5Classic Create Coupon Scrab × 1
25Vibrant Youth SetRP Badge M6
2630 AG1000 BO
27500 BPUC/AG Selection
28Room Card 1 Day15 Silver
29Classic Create Coupon Scrab × 32 Motorcycle
3060 UC Voucher M7Meri Yeti Ornament + Frozen Guardian Emote
31Experience Card × 1M6 Mission Card × 1
3230 AG15 Silver
3310 SilverUC/AG Selection
34Supply Create Coupon Scrab × 5Classic Create Coupon Scrab × 1
35Repitilion Gaze-UMP45 SkinRp Badge M6
3630 AG1000 BP
37500 BPUC/AG Selection
38500 BP2X BP Card
39Supply Create Coupon Scrab × 215 Silver
4010 SilverSilent Night MK12 Skin
412X BP CARD 1 HourRainbow Trail × 3
4230 AGThis Way Chicken Grafity
43500 BOUC/AG Selection
44Supply Create Coupon Scrab × 8Classic Create Coupon Scrab ×1
4510 Silver6 RP Badge M6
4650 AG1000 BP
47500 BPUC/AG Selection
48Room Card 1 Day15 Silver
49Supply Create Coupon Scrab × 10Motorcycle × 2
5015 SilverForzen Guardian Suit + Frozen Guardian Head


Bgmi has added skin of win94 in RP, which is not good. As no one can play with Win 94.  But still has been given. Meri yet suit will be white while suit with add some texture of  Christmas. It looks like cheap Santa cloth. At RP 20 UAZ skin has been bringed. Almost after a year skin of open Uaz has been come. The ornaments are not good. Looks like as same as the Meri yeti suit. The best bad akin of ump45 gun skin will be locked at 35 RO.Mk12 Silent knight skin is very awesome. Looks like a killer. But no one uses MK12.

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10 December 2021.

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