Rules and Guidelines For Joining Custom or Esport Matches

Image showing information about rules for joining esport mactches
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Each player should read and follow all rules. The rules can be different sometimes for different matches or tournaments.

•Emulators and hackers are not allowed.

•If you think you are killed by a hacker, then please record your death replay. After seeing the recording right decision may be taken on hackers by the host.

•No abusive language or bad words will be used with the host, team members, and other players. You have to respect them!

•Team up is strictly restricted or opposite of rules. If we found anybody making Team up, the player will be reported and cannot join all upcoming events. The player will be permanently banned from ESports.

•Also, we can give a ban on your id if you are not online or present on match, after registration of your team.

•Cancellation Of your team or your id from the ESports tournament is only possible. when you cancel it within one or two hours of registration.

•You don't have to place or go to other slots otherwise, it will result in a kick out from the room or tournament.

•You have to join on time, the match will start at the exact time only. After that, no execution or reason will be accepted.

•The use of other players tagged for registration may result in a ban.

•We kindly say that, do not tell your Room id or password to another unregistered player ot team. If we found that, we will kick out the team and make ban the team permanently for upcoming Matches and tournaments.

•As we all know, PUBG has many glitches, so we request you not take any advantage or use of the glitches. If any team is found exploiting or using any kind of bugs or glitches, they will be disqualified from that match.

•The final result may be declared by the hosts only. The result declared by the host should be accepted by every player. If you have any doubt you may ask to take a review of the gameplay.

•If we see any player making misguide also be banned.

•No use of Gaming Triggers (like on Asus Rog Phones on Nubia Phone) is allowed. You have to play games with the help of your fingers only.

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06 December 2021

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