How To Hide Your Royal Pass Information | Hide From Your Friends and Brothers

Image showing information about Process of hiding Royal pass in pubg and bgmi

So why do we need to hide our profile from others?

First, there are so many reasons, depending on any situation of the player. Privacy is very important to us in our everyday life, so why not in the game.BGMI and PUBG also provide privacy to your game account. By using this you can hide your Royal Pass Information from others. With this help, you can temporarily disable all functions and also can be activated whenever you want.

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For disabling your royal pass information, you need to do the following steps:

1) Open The Game.
2)Go to Settings.
3)Go to Basic.
4) Scroll down until you don't see the "Show Royal Pass Information" button.
5)It will be enabled by default, so disable it.
6)After that your friends and brothers cannot view your Royal Pass Information.
7) By disabling this your name cannot become in Airplane Finish (Which comes at the starting, while traveling in the plane).
8)Also you will hide your Royal Pass Profile from anyone easily.

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Last updated on,
05 December 2021.

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