Dynamo crossed 10 Million Subscribers | Free Royal Pass Giveaway

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Finally, Dynamo Reached 10 Million Subscribers!!!

Dynamo gaming YouTuber just crossed 10 Million subscribers today at Live Stream. Today dynamo has 10,000,000 plus active subscribers. With this happiness, Dynamo is giving a Mega giveaway of Royal passes and UC. You will think that like, Rain of UC will be coming. Dynamo has celebrated this event with his all Hydra team. He was playing a Custom Room Match, and in this Custom Room, Dynamo was just seeing his active subscribers and he was shocked about the 10 Million subscriber completion. Dynamo was looking very like "shampoo", So his hairs were stocked. You can enjoy this moment in his Livestream. 
This giveaway will be announced on 03 December 2021, on Dynamo Gaming Official Youtube Channel.
For this moment dynamo has announced a Mega giveaway on his YouTube Channel. He has told already on 28 or 29 November 2021. So finally after completing 10 Million subscribers, Dynamo will get his own "Golden Play Button".

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What you need to do to get Royal Pass and UC from Dynamo Gaming Free!!!

You won't have to give any popularity or shoutout to Dynamo Gaming. You have to just follow the Dynamo on his social platforms and keep watching his live streams on his official YouTube channel.

How to participate in these Giveaways ?

So there will be total steps for participating in the Mega Giveaway.

1)You have to subscribe to the official YouTube channel of Dynamo that is, Dynamo gaming. The rewards and Giveaway will be declared in this live stream.

2)Second step is to subscribe to the Official Vlog Channel of the Dynamo and Hydra team. Here Dynamo and his friends make and show their vlogs. Here many funny and their travel and weekend vlogs are shown.

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3)You have to follow the Facebook Page of Dynamo Gaming. Dynamo shares post and shorts for students and people, who doesn't have time to watch his 3 to 4 hours live stream. Dynamo posts regularly on his Facebook page.

4)You have to follow Dynamo on his official Instagram account. Dynamo has now a total of 2.2 million followers on his Instagram id. Dynamo shares his all sensitivity and his Youtube journey shorts and highlights here.

5)Fifth step is to follow Dynamo Gaming on his official Twitter account. Also same as on the Facebook page, Dynamic shares the short and interesting parts of his Livestream. Because everyone does not have to watch a live stream of about 4 to 5 hours. So Dynamo shares his streamed main part here. For example, Combat fight or many interesting shorts.

6)Sixth step is to follow Dynamo Gaming on his Snapchat profile. Today Dynamo gaming is most online or active on Snapchat. He also shares his all travel pictures and daily pictures on his Snapchat Account.

7)You have to join Dynamo Gamings, Official Discord Server on Discord app or server. Here all upcoming Live stream information and useful information is shared.

Bumper Prize 

Dynamo announced that now he will giveaway 20 Royal Passes free for every interval of 30,000 Likes. This means suppose if Dynamo is starting a stream and when 30,000 likes are completed, he will stop the gameplay and start to give 30 Royal Pass live. These royal passes are given in each live stream of Dynamo Gaming. Also, at each 30,000 likes gap, Dynamic will announce a royal pass giveaway. So a total of three times royal pass giveaways will be there in one live stream.

The giveaways will be at
  1. 30,000
  2. 60,000
  3. 90,000 likes.
There will be more chances to win a Free Royal Pass if you participate with your all team.

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Last updated on
02 December 2021.


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  1. Amazing post & I also read this article fully. Congratulation's to Dynamo for Surpassing 10 Million+ Subscriber's. I liked your blog well & I also support your blog for future article's boost-up

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