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Do you know the best sniper after AWM, which deals the most damage?

Sniper is the best gun to kill an enemy in one or two shots. Sniper can deal higher damage in all weapons. Sniper is made for a headshot. Sniping is an art, so you need to know which sniper is best after AWM.So why do you need to know Sniper rifles after AWM?
AWM can be only found in the Drop. It cannot be found easily in-home in or an apartment. Ideally chances to find the AWM in a home in exactly to 0.0001% only. So you can't get AWM easily.AWM can kill or knock an enemy with a level three helmet with full damage. But after the AWM there are many alternatives. For example, M24, KAR98K, etc. We will talk about this next.

Gun listing:


After the AWM second place in a sniper is of M24.M24 can easily knock or kill an enemy with a level two helmet.M24 can easily kill a level three helmet enemy with two shots only. The M24 can deal the most damage with the range of 120 meters.M24 deals high damage due to the high muzzle velocity. Also reloading speed of ammo of M24 is slightly less or better than the KAR98K. When you reach the "Ace Tier" in the background there is the logo of M24.M24 can be used with four attachments 
3)Quickdraw(Extended for sniper)

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This is also a famous and wooden crafted texture gun, loved by gamers. So the full form of KAR98K is "KARABINER 98 KURZ".KAR98K is a classic bolt action rifle, with lower accuracy in bolt action snipers.KAR98K beacon is more famous as it can be found easily as M24.KAR98K can be used with three attachments,

3)Mosin Nagant

Mosin Nagant is also a bolt-action sniper rifle. This means you need to reload the gun after the fire. But no detailed de6is available for the gun.

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4)Win 94 

Can be only found in Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, or Karakin.Only this sniper uses ammo of 45ACP. Win94 is a medium-range sniper rifle. It deals most damage in short or medium ranges, as it comes with the pre-installed scope. The zoom of the scope is ideally greater than  2X. The main specialty of this gun is that its bullets travel at a speed of 760m/s.Why is quite or equivalent to the KAR98K rifle? But the difference is in the damage. The damage of Win94 is 66. It can have only one attachment

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