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Why do you need to rename the card?

For changing the name of our id or account in the game, we need cards. First of all, we keep any simple name, but after that like a year, the name will look boring and common to all.  At t,h at the time we decided to change the name of our account or id. When you create or start to play the game from the beginning, you can enter the name what do you want. But some names are taken already. So you have to make or create your own unique and brandable name. So anyone can easily recognize it and can be remembered equally. 
For example, "Dynamo" is a name once you listen you can't forget it easily. And if forget when you listen to the name, you can easily guess where the name was listened to. Also if you keep your name like "Jdg96Star", it does not make sense to remember your name. Because is not Unique in itself too. Also if an unknown player wants to search your id in the game with your name, he can't easily find your id. So try to keep the name as short as possible and easy to remember.

So we discuss the method or tricks from you will get rename card free.

1)Method First (Return Mission)

When you dose t play your game for at least one month, you will get one rename card free. But it will be time-limited, so you can use it or rename it at a specific time. Ideally, this time is of up to 15 days to 30 days. So you start or keep playing from another is for one month. Also after one month, when you will log in you will see a return tab exactly near or side to events button or tab. From there you will get some permanent and some time-limited gifts too. The first reward will be Rename Card, so you have got a free rename card.

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2)Method Second  (From Google Opinion Reward)

For this, you have to download and install "Google Opinion Rewards", officially from the play store. In this app, you have to answer some surveys and you will get free money from Google. As it is an app from Google, so there is no chance of fraud or misguiding. You can this money in about one or two months. Bu this money you can buy us and with this, you can rename your card.

3)Method Third (By Progress Missions)

When you reach level 10, you will get a free rename card, in the achievements section. Sometimes you forget to collect the rewards of progress missions. I also forgot to collect this Free rename id card.

4)Bonus Missions

When you complete some missions or events, you will get rename card also free for completing them. You can exchange certain coins or equivalent to BP to buy rename card for free. So be careful when the event will come. Try to complete all events and missions faster.

5)From the Shop (With UC)

If you have UC, then you can buy rename id card from the shop menu. Currently, the price of rename card is about 180 UC.
You can buy anytime or many Rename cards.

Tips to keep the name, that will make you unique and brand.

1)Make It Short ( 4 to 7 letters)
2)Make it unique (Try to find or discover new words, that will be made by only you)
3)Don't use special characters or don't. (So it can easily reachable and easy to find you)
4)Make its pronunciation better (like good, not worst)
5)Make it famous as possible everywhere 

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How to choose a better name?

1)You can choose your name with any random name generator.
2)You can find your name or make your name!
3)Also you can take help of
Many unused names can be found on Google.

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29 November 2021

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