BGMI 1.7 Update | With Mirror World Adventures and Arcane theme

Image showing text about new update and coloration with arcane of Bgmi and pubg

BGMI 1.7 Update details and all information is here:

Finally, after waiting a long time BGMI and PUBG have released their updated information on BGMI 1.7 Update. In this update, many major and amazing features are coming. Battlegrounds mobile India has released an update notes video on their official Battle Grounds Mobile India.
BGMI and PUBG have a partnership with League of Legends. So due to this 1.7 update will be based on something like League of legends. Hence the league of legends animation, Arcane has to be introduced in BGMI and PUBG. Also, some characters will come in gameplay.

Free rewards in BGMI 1.7 Update:

Indian players who will be updating their game to BGMI version 1.6 to 1.7, will receive a gift. They will receive two classic create coupons for free.

BGMI 1.7 Update Highlights:

• New Theme:Mirror World
• Arcane Monsters
• Piggyback Function
• Survivors Number Notification 
• Nearby Grenade Indication
• Various other modes will come back. This means the modes which were time-limited will come again to play.
Example:Runic power mode, Zombie mode, Infection mode, etc.

Mirror World New Theme in BGMI 1.7 Update:

This mode will be the same as the flora mence mode, but the major difference will be the place and coins which we were using to buy material from the cell. So in this update, you will see Hextach Crystals. You can enter this new mode Mirror World by checking the mode checkbox option in theme selection. When the match starts in erangle, the Mirror Island can be only seen in Mirror World in erangel. For going to mirror Island, you need to jump from the airship only. So before Mirror Island will come appear, you have to jump from the airship and move around. Here airship maybe your plane, in which you go to the game. You have to loot the item as you loot in the ground, So loot as much as possible loot in your bag pack.
If you are defeated on Mirror Island you will be dropped to the ground, with full health and with all loot collected from Mirror Island. When you will drop to the ground you will be dropped with help of the Parachute again.

Try this glitch in BGMI 1.7 Update in Mirror World:

When in squad or duo mode if you get knocked, try to jump or exit from the mirror world. You will be dropped to the ground with the revived condition. But I am not sure that the glitch will work really because it was working in PUBG season  15.

Piltover Mirror Island or Zaun Mirror Island in BGMI 1.7 Update:

When a round will begin, you will see some marked places with new texture in the map of the mirror world in BGMI 1.7 Update. This marked area will be the Mirror Island after some time, the timer will be below the map button on gameplay. When the comes to starts the wind barriers come, and you have to enter the wind barrier without any movement. With these wind barriers. You will enter randomly either on the "Piltover Mirror Island" or "Zaun Mirror Island".
When you will start to enter Mirror Island you will get a randomly selected character of the Arcane theme. The name of thises characters will be Vi, Jinx, Jayce, and the last one is Caitlyn. Each character is unique on its own because each character has its Weiand unique ability. But if you get the character that you don't like, then you can change it by the Transportation. There is a Transform device Mirror Island, from that device you can change the character you want. So don't forget to find your best character 😉.
You have to avoid or defeat the arcane monsters and loot more and more hextech crystals on Mirror Island. After a specific time, The Mirror Island will be closed or destruct itself, and everyone on Mirror Island will be dropped to the ground with the collected guns or material collected in mirror Island. Also, you can get dropped to the ground by getting defeated by another player or monster and by finishing the exploration yourself on the island.

Note: If you do some movement in the wind barrier, you will be fallen to the ground. By falling from the wind barrier from a height you will get damage. Hence your health will be decreased.

Hextach Crystal or Hextach Crystal Shop in BGMI 1.7 Update:

In this update, you have to collect as much as possible hextach crystal in your Bag pack as same as Flora mence coins. For purchasing the guns and items from Hextach crystal you to press the Hextach crystal icon near the Minimap icon, which was placed by default.

NumberItem NameHextach Crystal Amount
1AWM set9000
2AUG A3 Set4000
3M24 Set4000
4M416 Set2000
5M762 Set2000
7DP 28500
8Scar L500
NumberItem NameHextach Crystal Amount
1Stimulant Pack1000
28X Scope2000
36X Scope1000
4Mini Drum Mag (AR)1000
5Extended Quick Draw Mag(AR)500
6Suppressor (AR)500
7Muzzle brake (AR)500
84X Scope500
NumberItems NameHextach Crystal Amount
2Riot Shield500
3Pain Killer200
4First Aid Kit200
5Smoke Grenade200
6Frag Grenade200
77.62 Ammo200
85.56 Ammo200

Monsters of Arcane in BGMI 1.7 Update:

The monster related to the Arcane will appear all over erangel across the selected places in erangel including the Mirror World too. You can check out go to the places with the area marked with a blue crystal on the map. Defeat the monster of arcane to get better loot of guns, supplies, and Hextach crystals.

A New Feature in BGMI 1.7 Update:

Advantage Of PiggybackDisadvantages of Piggyback
You can Piggyback knocked enemy or friendYou can't shoot
You can get Piggyback offline players tooYour speed will decrease
Damage reduction in knocked stated will be slightly reducedYou cannot seat or drive vehicle
The most waiting and interesting feature in BGMI and PUBG ever. Now you can give Piggyback to your knocked-out friends and enemies. Also to the offline team members.

Other changes or updates in BGMI 1.7 Update:

• Elimination or knocked out Notification has been added to indicate the finished enemy.
• The survivor's number indicator will be shown, once you reach Top10.
• Also the survivor's number notification message has been added for each play zone.
• The smoked effect for the thrown smoke grenade in the sky has been added. Also, the thrown smoke grenade will draw an arc while throwing with a new smoke effect.
• When a grenade comes near the player, an indication sign of Grenade is pops up.
• When the character is in front of an object that can be climbed, the jump button transforms into the climb button.
•New VS-AI hard level has been added in AI battle.

Last updated on: 16 November 2021

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