How to buy uc from codashop online?

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How to buy UC from codashop online?

Que. What is a codashop?

Ans. Codashop is an online game currency shop. This means you can buy currency in the game may be gold, UC, diamonds, or coins, with the exchange of real cash. From that currency in the game, you can buy various resources or modules.

What is UC in Bgmi or Pubg?

UC stands for Unknown Cash.UC is one of the most premium in-game currencies of Bgmi and Pubg. With UC (Unknown Cash) you can purchase crates, outfits, gun skins, companions, emotes, accessories, treasures, Battle Pass, vehicle skins, and more!

Codashop has been announced officially Uc buy the store from krafton(Bgmi) and Bluehole company(Pubg). So buying Uc from codashop is 100% secure and official. Bgmi and Pubg only accept Uc from only codashop. So beware of fake sites. On one can give or donate UC with real currency except for codashop.
If you are interested in buying gaming currency, then their official website link is below.

How to Buy UC from codashop step by step guide for everyone!

1) You may visit codashop by,
      • Visiting their official site.      
      • By downloading their official app.
      • Or by going to the Battle Grounds Mobile India website. Select their cart or payment option, it will directly redirect you to the codashop.

2) Select the Bgmi or Battle Grounds Mobile India game or any other you want.

3)Then it will ask for Bgmi or character id of you, to which you want to buy UC.
(If you don know how to find character id in bgmi or pubg.Then, click on ( ? ) question mark symbol in front of the character id section. You will know where is character id from there)

4)Then select the voucher or pack exactly you want in the game.

Money For PurchaseUC you get
75 Rs60 UC
380 Rs300UC + 25 UC
750 Rs600 + 60 UC
1900 Rs1500 + 300 UC
3800 Rs3000 + 850 UC
7500 Rs6000 + 2100 UC

5)Then select the payment option from that you want to purchase the Uc.
Mainly Codashop gives the option to,
MobiKwik (up to 750 Cashback)
Or Visa or any other debit and credit card also.

6)After the selection of any payment options, you will redirect to the next payment procedure. 

7)Once your payment will successful, the game currency will be transferred to your game account successfully.
(Note: Sometimes it may take some time to show or update the game currency. Depending on the bank or network locations. Ideally, it takes only 3 to 9 seconds. But maybe take up to some minutes too.

8)But keep in mind to give your email address while purchasing or keep signing in to codashop, For keeping payment transaction receiptor purchase history.

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21 November 2021

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