RP Perfectionist Tag | How to Get RP Preservance and Perfectionist Tag in Bgmi Free

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How to get the RP Perfectionist title in Pubg and Bgmi?

Today we will see how to get RP Preservance and RP Perfectionist tag in Bgmi and Pubg is a detailed explanation.

Title: RP Perfectionist

Difficulty: High

Type: Legendary

Duration: Permanent

Eligibility: In or above platinum tier

So first by completing these challenges you will get,

1)First RP Preservance Tag and
2)Second RP Perfectionist Tag

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Main Steps To Get Tag:

1) Buy any Elite Pass or Elite Pass Plus
2) Getting the highest rank means RP rank 50 in the current season.
3)You have to maintain and keep your rank high for six months Simultaneously.

While doing these missions you will get also some free bonus gifts

• One premium create a coupon 
• Free Evil Mask
• Witherer M249 Skin Free
• 200 Achievement Points 

In these Tags, the RP Perfectionist tag is something like mythical but RP preservance is mythical. But not equal to RP Perfectionist tag. The RP Perfectionist tag is awesome.

For completing these Tag challenges you need to buy six royal passes in a row simultaneously. You can buy either Elite Pass or Elite Pass Plus. But I recommend going with the Elite pass which is around 360 Uc in Bgmi.
But to get these tags your journey is very long, which is 6 months and about a half years.

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15 November 2021

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