How To Get Poro Campion Free | The OP Trick Always Work!!!

Image showing information about poro new campion in bgmi and pubg
Bgmi Event

How To Get Poro Campion Free | The OP Trick Always Work!!!

So today I will tell you and explain the event from which you can get the Poro campion free in Bgmi and Pubg. Then it no matter which game you play! You will get 100% Poro campion free. But you need to add some efforts to achieve it if you want to get it without and UC spending. If you have us then you can get in either the first draw or at last draw too. But I will give you the OP Tricks that always work. So easily you will get Poro campion free. So poro campion can be drawn or taken from only in Island discovery Event.
If you don't know about tricks and tips in the Island Discovery Event, then you must read this first!

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For seeing the crate rewards you have to go to the last level of the Island Discovery Event. The emotes of the poro campion are very lovely. You have to play the game continuously to get to the end of the event.
Chance for the rewards.
Number Item Type Chance to get
1 Mythitic 0.1%
2 Legendary Item 1.2%
3 Epic Item 36.4%
4 Rare Item 62%

Akm and poro have higher chances to get from the crate. To open this creates you need exploration points and exploration points you can earn from the daily gameplay in mirror world in erangel. You can get a maximum of 120 achievement points per day only. After that, you will doesn't get any points. In this event, you will get free emotes, but the condition is only that you can use them only in cheer park and spawn island only.

Total Calculation:

1)Tou will receive a total of 120 exploration points per day.
2)The last stage is at a total of 3500 Exploration points.
3)The event is a total of 40 days.
4)The event is from 23 November 2021 to 3 January 2022.
5) So 40 multiply by 4800 exploration points. This means you have to collect many exploration points from the game.
6)So you will get extra exploration points.
7)About  3500 will be for all stages will be deducted.
8)Finally, you will get 1300 exploration points will remain. You can open the crate 10 times. The price of a single crate is 120 Exploration points and a total of 10 will be for 1080 exploration points.

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So you will get up to 10 crates opening freely. So there will be a 10% charge to get poro, It depends upon your luck.

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24 November 2021

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