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Image showing information about mirror world new achivement in Bgmi And Pubg
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Bgmi & Pubg has released its new monthly achievement in New update 1.7 in beta version which will be officially released to all over the app store and play store on "16th November 2021".
In this update, many updates will come.
In mirror mode, there is a new achievement named Mirror world. This actively is "Exclusive" which means it is time-limited and you have to complete it particular period or season. But do not take tension, to complete this achievement you have a complete one month. So you can easily complete it, maybe on the first day or the first match. Depend upon your gameplay 😊

For the Mirror World Achievement, you get two missions.

1)First mission is to defeat three monsters in the mirror world And,
2) Second is to open a create in the mirror world.
By completing this achievement you will get Two supply crate coupons and Twenty achievement points.

But wait in this Achievement you did notice something?

Wait I will tell you...
When you will zoom in above the image you will see the texture and background of Supply Create has been changed and got a new look. That means you can get a Hint of the new updates in Bgmi and Pubg.

When will you get and see Mirror World Achievement in Bgmi and pubg:
This achievement you will get in the Achievement section in Bgmi and Pubg after 1.7 updates.

These leaks are from the Beta version of Bgmi. Real results sometimes may be different. But updates and changes will be corrected or added as they release officially.

Last edited on 16th November 2021


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