Island Discovery New Event In Bgmi And Pubg!!!

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Discovery Event In Bgmi And Pubg | Get The Premium Mobile Legends Character In Your Inventory!!!

So today on 23rd November 2021, Bgmi and Pubg has launched a new event which is Island Discovery Character. I think no one event has come like this event in all bgmi and pubg history. In this event, you will get free UAZ skin, M416 skin, Grenade skin, Stun grenade skin, Molly skin, Backpack skin, and all Premium characters like Jayce, Vi, Jynx. This event will very long mean it will be continued from November and will end in January month 2022. You have played to continue to complete the event because it will not complete quickly, if you have UC then you can collect all items without any extra effort. But if you have no Uc like me😅, then you have to play games for at least two hours a day.

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I will tell you how to get these emotes and all gifts free from the event. So you will get some permanent and some temporary gifts too. You have to solve all five levels in this Island discovery event.

How to get exploration points?

So you have played the game in Mirror world or a normal classic match. After completing a match you will get some exclamation points depending on your performance. To increase the performance change or make better survival techniques. If you play games in mirror World you will get more exploration points easily. And if you take chicken dinner, or take more damage or take many kills then, you will get 2X exploration points. But you have a limit of 1000 exploration points every day. So at each reward, it is different from 100 exploration points. And however, you will collect rewards. You can open crates however you complete the levels. Also if you complete the event fastly you can open more crates easily.

Rewards List in all levels:

1)First Level Rewards (The Last Drop)

2Jinx Suite(Time limited)+ Vi Power M416 Skin(Time limited)
3Jayce electric Orb Emote (Permanent)
5Mr.Rabbit Ornament (Time limited)
62 Classic Create Coupon Scrab
8Caityn Take Aim Emote (Permanent)

2)Second Level Rewards (Zeppelin Harbour)

21 Rank Protection Card (1 Time)
3Rece Of Jinx Grenade
51 BP 2X Card 1 Hour
65 Silver
73 Classic Create Coupon Scrab
8Elite Helmet Skin (Permanent)

3)Third Level Rewards (Hexgate)

2Vi Character
45 Silver
5Pow Pow Flying Machine
610 Classic Create Coupon Scrab
71 Rating Protection Card ( 1 Time)
8Jinx Ready For Action Emote ( Permanent)

4)Fourth Level Rewards (Opera House)

2Rating Protection Card (1 Time)
4Jinx Backpack
5BP 2X Card 1 Hour
65 Silver
75 Classic Create Coupon Scrab
8Rage Of Jinx Grenade Skin

5)Fifth Level Rewards (Academy)

2Unyielding Cand Molotov Cocktail (Skin)
410 Silver
5Jinx Suit
610 Classic Create Coupon Scrab
7Vi Smoke Grenade Skin
8Crate opening.You will get anything of follow.
Caityn Character/Unyielding Uaz/Jinx Akm Skin/Poro New Pet/Field Commander Parachute/Parachute Trail(Green)/Parachute Tail(Pink)

But note:
You can use these emotes only in spawn island and on cheer park only.

How to pass or solve five levels of the Island Discovery Event?

You will see upgrade options also, it will be normal and advanced. This will be the Uc spending system, So I will tell you all systems. So at the start, you have received A free Jayce character and M416 Gun skin at the login time in the Island discovery event. This outfit will be collected in your inventory, so don't forget to collect them. But any character skin you collect will be time-limited and will automatically expire after 3 days. Jn this M416 gun skin is awesome and something matching to Hextach ScarL. To make character skins of Jayce, Vi, and Jynx you have to spend UC.

How to upgrade time-limited character skins?
You have to upgrade them with us only.

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Que.1)All arcane characters will be free in bgmi and pubg?
Ans.Yes, but for a time limit of three days only. If you want to keep them permanent then you can buy them with us.

Que.2) Where will these characters collect?
Ans. They will collect in inventory, not in the character section.

Que.3)This character have special emotes?
And. Yes, but you can use it only in cheer park and spawn island only.

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23 November 2021

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