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Do you know actually, How many titles or tags are Pubg or Bgmi games?

 Many gamers don't know how many titles and what is the use of titles. So you can earn or get titles depending upon your performance. So the Bgmi and Pubg have kept some rewards or missions to keep players interested and keep connected to the game. When a player or gamer gets some achievement or title, he gets journeys. With this happiness to joyousness, the player will play better and better. Bgmi or Pubg shows only some title in the list of their achievements. But that's not true. Bgmi or Pubg has more titles than they show. But they are hidden or can be obtained from special events or by completing special tasks only.

There are many titles but the main specialty of this title is, all are unique and amazing. Because they don't get easier. Some title missions can take either 1 day or some missions take more than 2 years, too. For example, Overachiever. This title you cant earn or get easily. For this, you have to perfectionist of the game. Some titles are mythical or some are ordinary, but everyone has their own story.

So we will start to see all titles details, their history, and the required missions to complete them!

1)Unique destiny (Mythic)

For this achievement, you have to earn a total of 6000 achievement points. When you complete the title you will get extra 50 achievement points and a special mythical "Fiend Huntress Set" free. This outfit is mythical.

2) Overachiever Title  (Mythic)

For the title, you need total achievement points. First, it was a total of 2500 points, but after the update, it is now 2800 points. After completing the title mission, you will get 50 achievement points extra.

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3)On A Mission (Mythic)

For this title, you need to be made master in all types of guns and equipment (melee weapons). You need Assult mastery, Shotgun Mastery, Pistol mastery, Sniper Mastery, Melee mastery, and last Smg mastery. After that, you will get this title and 60 extra achievement points.


This title can get in the above platinum league. For this mission, you have to win a total of 50 matches in or above the platinum league, without equipping any backpack, helmet, and vest too. In the end, you will get 40 extra achievement points.

5)Sharpshooter / Deadeye

This title can be earned easily if you are in the platinum league or tier. For this, you have to kill three enemies in a row with headshots only from sniper and from a distance of 50 meters away from the target or enemy. You have to perform it in solo mode only. In the end, you will get 30 achievement points extra as a free reward. 

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6)Chicken Experts (Mythic)

This title also only be completed in or above the platinum league or tier. For this, you have to kill players in different styles as follows,
1)With any Assault Rifle
2)With any shotgun (S12K, S1897)
3)With any Sniper Rifle (M24, AWM)
4)With any Pistol (P18C, etc)
5)With any melee weapon (Pan, Machete, Crowbar, etc.)
6)With any SMG (Ump, Uzi, Tommy gun /Thompson Smg, etc.)
7)With any Throwable (Grenade, Cocktail )
8)With vehicle 
9)With Crossbow 


This title is very popular because it needs 1000 likes on your profile. You need to become the best and polite. This title is very cute in all titles. This title gives 50 extra achievement points.

8)Collector (Mythic)

This title has no option. Means you can do any three missions. For this, you need to own permanent skins, outfits, parachute skins to get the title. At last, you will get up to 50 achievement points free. 

9)Free Chicken Dinner

Only this is very easy in Pubg and Bgmi to collect. In this title, you don't have to do anything, even you don't have to kill anybody. But the condition is only that play in solo mode and you will be in or above platinum tier. You have to don't kill anybody. You will get 20 achievement points free after the mission.

10)Weapon master

This title is a little bit harder and easier too. In this title, you have to kill 6 players with different 6 methods. And you have to kill them all in a single match only. In platinum tier or above. This title also can be completed easily. Also, you will get extra 20 achievement points free.

11)Maxed Out

This title will doesn't get easy, You need many efforts for this title. In this title, you have to complete your experience od id level to 100. Then you will be fully maxed. This title shows your overall time and experience in the game. For this, you will get 40 achievement points. Note that this title very means very very hard in all tittles.


This title can get earlier than the "On a mission" title. Because it takes two missions or two types of mastery. You can choose any mastery you want. You can go with any Sniper mastery, Pistol mastery, Assult mastery, Shotgun mastery, or Smg mastery. After completing, you will get 20 achievement points.

13)Lifelong Learner (Hidden )

For this title, you have to complete about 300 matches in brother in arms matches. This mission doesn't show in the title section but it is placed in another tab of the achievements. This title says about your hungriness about the learning of gameplay. After taht, you will get 30 achievement points freely.

14)RP Preservance (Hidden)

For this title, you have to buy a royal pass(elite or elite plus), up to four months. And you have to achieve the highest rank means RP rank 50  for four times in a row. It has very unique and amazing texture. After that, you will get 50 achievement points free.

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15)RP Perfectionist (Hidden + Mythic)

As same above, but you need to buy 6 royal passes in a row. And have to achieve the highest rank of Royal pass means 50 up to 6 times in a row. This title is mythic and has its power due to its texture and color. His color makes him different from all of the titles. But in this event, you will get 60 achievement points. This title will be costly for you.


This title will you get freely. Without any effort to the test. You have to just log in for a total of 720 days, with no streak. Means you can log in whenever you want. You can complete it easily, and get extra 50 achievement points. Only this title can get you freely in Bgmi and Pubg.

17)Mythic Fashion (Mythic)

This title is very costly in all titles. As it needs a total of 50 mythic outfits to complete this title. Collecting the mythic outfits up to 50 is not a joke. You need to play aal events or Buy royal passes. This title is very costly and beautiful,  as its name is "Mythic  Fashion".In this title, you will get a free name tag, and image also. After that, you will get free 80 achievement points.

18)Star trainer (Mythic)

For this title, you need any companion. When you upgrade your campion to level seven this title will be unlocked. After completing the mission you will get 20 achievement points. For this title, you have to buy or keep a companion to yourself.

19)Thanks for sticking with us! (Anniversary Gift)

This title is very rare and you cant get it now. Because it was a gift to players who were playing the game in or at the game's third anniversary. This is the mythical title and was given freely to everyone, means was on events challenges. Very few players have this title. In this mission, you will get 30 achievement points.

20)RP Chicken Dinner (Mythic)

This title is paid but on luck. For this title, you have to buy a royal pass compulsory for a year. In the year if you are lucky,  you will get this title, and any previous seasons are all reward-free. This title can only be achieved by buying a Royal pass only.

21)Peak Balanced Clan (Mythic)

This title can be oy get from the clan. For this, you need to enter the top 100 clans. All clan members whose clan is in the top 100, will get this title. But it is time-limited to 60 days only. After that, it will be removed automatically.  And can get again in another season.

22)Superstar (Mythic & Rare & Costly)

This title is only for those players who are popular and famous on social media or youtube. For this title, a very strong base of supporting players is needed. They have to send popularity to you. The players in the top 100 of popularity will get this title Main thing about the title is that it is very hard to earn and is time-limited for seven days. For example, Neonxpawan gamer of Bgmi is at the top of popularity and has the title #1 Superstar.

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This title can get easily. To get this title you have to Play with your friend many times and increase your synergy with your teammate. This title can be completed when your synergy with your friends is a total of 1000. You have to play as much as possible with your friends. Send him popularity and AG to increase the synergy fast and quickly.


This title can only be achieved in the C1S3 season. After the season no one can get it again. It is time-limited for the C1S3 season to achieve it. It is time-limited and was gifted for the new mode "Mirror World".To complete the title you need to complete a total of 9 missions. Then you can get it in cycle memories.

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Use of these titles?

Mainly the use of these titles in-game is just like your outfit. It increases the beauty and shows the power of your character. It doesn't affect or improve your gameplay.


1)How many titles are in Pubg and Bgmi?
There are more than 25 titles in the Bgmi and Pubg games.

2)Which title is free in Pubg and Bgmi?
Only dependable and Free chicken dinner, this title is available freely.

3)What is the use of the title?
To increase to beauty of your profile and make it more attractive. Also for showing the career progress of your gameplay.

3)Can we buy the title on UC in Bgmi and Pubg?
No, you can't buy any title with UC. But you can check for RP Chicken Dinner, RP Preservance, and RP Perfectionist. This title can be bought from or with the UC.

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27 November 2021

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