How To Get Hexencounter Tag in BGMI In Just One Day?

How To Get Hexencounter Tag in BGMI In Just One Day?

Image showing Hexencounter Tag in bgmi and pubg

What is HexEncounter Tag in BGMI?

This title is very rare because this title will only get to players who will play the BGMI game in the C1S3 season. This title will be permanently one you get, but also it will be time-limited. This means after the C1S3 season no one can get it again. This title will be extraordinary in structure and look. It will look amazing and mind-blowing when you place these title in your profile.

How to get the Hexencounter title?

So to get this title you need to play the BGMI game in only Mirror world Mode in Erangel.To complete these titles you have to play and complete events in Mirror world mode. So there will be a total of 9 challenges to complete the title. To view the title information and mission list, Follow the map below.

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Where is Hexencounter Title Located?

• Tap in C1S3 icon in BGMI and PUBG game.
• Then tap on the Cycle Adventure icon, shown at the top of the left side.
• Then click on Cycle Adventures Button, which will be slightly above the Cycle stats and Cycle badges icon.
• Finally you will be in the HexEncounter title missions and rewards menu.
From there you can read and complete those challenges and fight for the title in the game!!!

Challenge and reward list for completing title!

Number Mission Reward
1 Talk with Jayce 1 time 100 BP + 3 Silver
2 Talk with Jayce three times 100 BP + 3 Silver
3 Talk with Vi one time 100 BP + 3 Silver
4 Talk with Vi three times 100BP + 3 Silver
5 Talk with Jinx one time 100 BP + 3 Silver
6 Talk with Jynx three times 100 BP + 3 Silver
7 Buy and equip stimulant pack 100 BP + 3 Silver
8 Complete server progress at 50% 100 BP + 3 Silver
9 Complete server progress at 100% 100 BP + 3 Silver

Note:You cannot talk with any character other than one time. Only one count will be taken when you talk with characters. You have to talk only one time in one match.

How to complete these challenges?

First and Second Misson:

To complete these challenges you have to play Mirror World Mode only. The first and second missions are the same. the But difference is onthathatttthain the first mission, you have to talk with the "Jayce" character in BGMI in mirror world one time. In the second mission, you have to talk with Jayce two times again. This means you have talked with three times Jayce in the mirror world.
Location of Jayce character in BGMI and PUBG:
In the first Nimbus Island 

Third and Fourth Misson:

The second mission you can complete with the character "Vi". You have to talk with this character one time in the t mission and another two times in the notion of Vi character in BGMI and PUBG:
Fourth and Sixth Mission:
The third sixth mission will be with the Jinx character Which Will be and powerful character io n BGMI and PUBG in Mirror World modes. To complete this challenge you have to talk at a time in the first mission. And another two times in the second mission.
Location of Jinx character in BGMI and PUBG:
In the Second Champion Island

Seventh Mission in Mirror World:

To complete these challenges you have to buy a stimulant pack one time and use it Mirror World Mode. The features and specialty of the stimulant pack is,
1)It increases your health against your opponent.
2)When you get hit or damaged in the game, your health will be filled again up to 100%, without and medikit or any first kit.
3)These will be game-changers in the battle zone.

Eight and Ninth mission in Mirror World:

These missions are the same and can be completed from one place. When you log in to the game.  You will see the " Wow Special Guests" image icon.  to to to to You have ninth mission progress details.  When you complete your server progress to 50%,  it will be automatically completed.   And when you reach the server's progress to 100% the ninth mission will be also completed automatically.
But wait,
I said automatic means, you have to complete all daily missions or tasks in the wow special guests tab.

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20 November 2021

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