How to complete Pacifist Title in Bgmi and Pubg in Just One Hour

Image showing pacifist title in bgmi and pubg

So Today we will see How to get Pacifist Title in Bgmi or Pubg Free in just one hour only!!!

"The only way or step to get this achievement is, To win a classic match with no or zero kills, in the platinum tier or above in solo mode only".
This Pacifist title is also known as "Free chicken dinner" or "Zero kill chicken dinner" also. So today's tip will be without Team up and with team up or any other Tips and Tricks. To complete thises achievement, you have to select the best map,to complete this title in just one hour. For this title, Livik is best to map for completing the challenge quickly. 

While landing you need to keep some point in mind.

1) You have to land in a lonely place. Which will be lonely, and easy to loot and pick medikits and supplies. 
2) Also, you have to search for vehicles for going to the zone, if the zone is very from you, So you land carefully, and land at a place where going to the zone will be easy and fast.
Image showing text about pacifist title in bgmi and pubg
Image Source:Bgmi Gameplay

In all methods or matches, you don't have picked up an any gun, and don't make fire even a single bullet, too. Also, you have to collect health kits, first aid kits, energy drinks, painkillers as much as possible.
Also by completing this Title you will get 20 Achievement points and A mythic title.

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Number Method Mode
1 Team Up Method Easy
2 Shallow Home Trap Method Easy(But need luck)
3 Smoke Method Medium (Depends on your performance,how you keep making blind the enemy

So I will tell you three methods to complete these title:

1)First Method
Using the team-up method.

In Bgmi all players are from India only. So all of them, at least 80 to 90 percent of players know the Hindi language, So you can easily find and team up with them. But note, you have to team up with the last player only. Why I will tell you below. Because doing team-up earlier, players can report you and your team-up player. These may chance to Get Ban.But at the last zone and the last player no one will report you, because all killed players have left the gameplay. And at last, try to team up with the last  player. 

When there will be only two players.One you and another opponent or enemy. Try to tell them about your mission or title, They will also support you. However, you will be still defeated but don't lose hope. Many players have completed this title after completing more than 10 to 50 matches. But using this trick you will get it in 1 to 10 matches easily.
For accepting your team up request you can offer him:
• Some UC
• Or Popularity gifts.
In this method, you don't have to pick up any military vest and helmet. Also, remove your all clothes from the game. Due to this team-up, chances will be more.

2)Second Method
ByShallow Home Trap Method:

In this method, you have to need luck. This method will work when only the last zone will come near buildings or houses. You can hide them when the last zones ended. When the last zone will end. you have to start healing as fast as possible. For this method, you have to hide in buildings or homes, from which you can take cover.

3)Third Method
By Smoke method:

In this method, you have to collect smoke also. And when the last zone starts you have to throw smokes and map all areas smoky and start healing. Tey this method when zone will be in an open area. But this method is most difficult in an open area because if the opponent knows your direction you will be knocked out easily. You can also try the First method of Team up in an open area. If you don't want to defeat.

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So best of luck with your title!!!
I completed this title in just 3 matches only by using the first method. Also please comment below, In how many matches have you completed your title?

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