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Players always ask, Which is the best gun combination for close range in Pubg and Bgmi?

So today we will see which gun combination is best and deadly. So why do we need better guns? So your all performance and all gameplay is depending on your guns. Without guns, you can't defeat other players except for bots😉. Mainly players choose one 7.63Ammo gun and 5.56 Gun, and mainly it is either M416 and AKM or M416 and M762 (Previously M762 was known as "Barrel".)So this combination is not bad but both are close-range guns. So you can't defeat players who are camping or are very far from you. So for better or best gameplay, I have suggested some combination of guns. Which are used, tested, and proved the best gun combination of all. This combination you can see in Dynamo, Sc0ut, and mortal gameplay also.

1)M416 + Barrel

The barrel is another high damaged gun after being frozen in the Assault rifles category. So you can choose this combination for your gameplay. The barrel is the favorite of all players, as it kills at exactly in five bullets. Which is equal to Groza. So when you will get Groza you will think like you have the same or equivalent to Groza.M416 is better for a long spray with 6X scope and the barrel will work better with the 3X scope and Red dot also.

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2)Groza + DP28

Both are using the same type of ammo I.e. 7.62, So you specifically can go with the same type of ammo.DP also comes in the Submachine or Machine guns category.DP 28 is exactly or equivalent to an M416 gun. As it has stood.DP 28 is the favorite of all YouTubers. As its damage is high and bullet speed is fast in Top20.Also, DP 28 has 30 bullets when you found it, but after reloading it, it has 47 bullets without the extended draw. And able to blast up to any vehicle easily. If you have Red dot or 3X, you can blast any vehicle in close range and if have 6X or 4X then you can blast any vehicle in long-range easily.

3)M416 + DP 28

Here M416 will be working as a long-range killing machine and DP 28 will be used for close-range damage. As it has 47 bullets, it can easily handle a full squad. It has the power to damage or hit a full squad. You have to attach the Red dot, 2X or 3X to DP 28, and attach the 4X or 6X to M416.M416 can easily handle any player on long-range.M416 is a very stable gun in all guns, as 5.56 guns are low recoil guns. If you are a player and master of M416, then you will be the "Godfather" of the gameplay.


AKM is the highest recoil gun in Bgmi and Pubg Mobile games. Also, AUG has the highest speed of releasing the bullet.AUG is also better than M416, as it is stable as M416 and gives better bullet speed and recoil control to the player. But AUG can be only found in drop, so you have to loot drops as much as possible. You will get ideally two or three drops easily. When in close range you can choose AKM with a red dot or hollow only.AKM is the king of recoil😅. You can't handle AKM properly even you have all the best attachments of AKM.So my suggestion will be to use Hollow, Red dot, or 2X oy with the AKM. Also, you can choose any scope from 2X to 6X. As AUG will work better for close range as well as for long-range also.

5)Groza + AUG

This is the pure venomous, as well as the deadly combination of guns.No one can survive from you with the help of these guns. Groza is the king of Assault rifles. Groza, it high damaged gun and have the power to kill anyone within five bullets only. While AUG can kill anyone, then it doesn't matter that which gun has to the enemy. Enemmy will be killed, when bullets will reach him. You just tap or hold, all bullets will be gone to damage the enemy.

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6)M416 + MK14 

This combination is very rare and powerful. Because the Mk14 is one and only one gun in Assault rifles, which can use 8X scope.MK14 becomes more dangerous when it makes it into Auto or Single mode.Mk14 is Sniper and Assult rifle too. So M416 becomes a better close ranger while MK14 will make a better long-range killing machine.MK14 has 20 bullets with extended and ideally can kill anyone in the close range too. You can add 8X to MK14 and make it sniper in long ranger and also, you can adjust its scope 8X to 4X to make it a short-range gun.

This information is for your guide or information purpose only. For making your gameplay better. But, finally, all performance and gameplay depend on you. Then no matter you have Groza or AWM.


1)Which gun has the highest damage in Pubg and Bgmi game?
AWM has the highest damage in all guns in Pubg and Bgmi games.

2)Which is the best Assult rifle in Pubg and Bgmi game?
Groza is the king of Assult rifles inning and Bgmi mobile.

3)Which is the best SMG in Pubg and Bgmi game?
So UZI has the highest damage in close range as equal to the damage of the grenade. But for closer range and short-range UMP45 and Tommy Gun is best.

4)Which is the best sniper after AWM in Pubg and Bgmi game?
M24 is another high damaging sniper after AWM.

5)In which gun scope opens fast in Pubg and Bgmi game?
In all SMG guns scope opens fast than any other gun in Pubg and Bgmi games.

6)Which is the highest stable gun in Pubg and Bgmi game?
M416 is the highest stable gun pubg and Bgmi game. Ideally, all 5.56 guns are more stable. But all guns in SMG are highest stable than M416.

7)Which shotgun is best and powerful in Pubg and Bgmi game?
S12K, DBS, and M1014 (M1014 can be found only in Livik mode)

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30 November 2021

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