New Female Character In Bgmi | Get all Voice pack,Anna event and Launch Date Details .

Images showing Anna character in inventory in bgmi gameplay

So finally Anna's character detailed information is here!!!

Anna's Event Details in BGMI and PUBG:

Number Mission Rewards
1 Login For 1 Day 10 Character Voucher + 200 BP
2 Login For 2 Day 20 Character Voucher + 400 BP
3 Login For 3 Day 30 Character Voucher + 600 BP
4 Login For 5 Day 50 Character Voucher + 1000 BP
5 Complete 1 Match 10 Character Voucher + 300 BP
6 Complete 3 Match 30 Character Voucher + 4p AG(Gold)
7 Complete 10 Match 40 Character Voucher + 1 Scrab(New)
8 Spend 60 Min 15 Character Voucher + 300 BP
9 Spend 200 Min 35 Character Voucher + 650 BP
10 Defeat 12 Enemy 30 Character Voucher + 60AG(Gold)
11 Travel 2000m on Vehicle 20 Character Voucher + 2 Scrab(New)
12 Travel 5000m on Vehicle 40 Character Voucher+ 4 Scrab (New)
13 Add 1 Friend 10 Character Voucher + 200 BP
14 Chat With 1 Friend 5 Character Voucher + 100 BP
15 Complete 1 Match While in Group with Friends 15 Character Voucher + 1 Landing Leg Smoke Effect

All history of Anna's character.

1)Anna launch date in BGMI:
17 November 2021
2)Anna launch date in PUBG:
19 November 2021

So Anna's character will be the next female character in BGMI and PUBG games. Anna character looks, voice pack  emotes and outfits have been released and officially confirmed in PUBG mobile global version
"The only way to get Anna character free is from the Anna character event or by purchasing from UC."
The anna character will be sharp and studious in all characters. This information you will get in Anna's MVP emote. In MVP emote he look from the scope and something written down in his notebook.

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Anna's Story in BGMI and PUBG:                                  

1Anna Character
2Anna's Voice Pack
350 Character Voucher
410 Character Shard
5Furher Analysis Emote
6Anna's Another Voice Pack
7100 Character Voucher
820 Character Shard
9Anna' Another Voice Pack
10MVP emote
"Anna was born in Austria, and her father was a famous investigative reporter. He disappeared in follow-up investigations after exposing the employee casualties of a global company, leaving only a notebook for her. Since she was a child, Anna's father taught her how to investigate and fight. To find her missing father, Anna also decided to become an investigative reporter" (From BGMI and PUBG gameplay.

However, she was accidentally involved in this battle during her investigations. She will investigate all the clues and uncover the truth.

Anna Voice Details

Number Voice
1 I'm going in!
2 I'll cover you!
3 There's an ambush.Play it safe!
4 Form Up!
5 Help!
6 Spred Out!
7 Charge!
8 Cover me!
9 Fall Back!
10 Head towards the mark!
11 Search for vehicles!
12 Form up one me!
13 Retreat!
14 Get the air drop!
15 Excellent work
16 I'm really sorry!
17 Hold it don't fire!
18 Enemy!
19 Get in the car!
20 Don't shoot!
21 Danger ahead!
22 Don't rush!
23 I got your back!
24 I'll drive!
25 Run along the safe edges of the zone!
26 Stay low!
27 Enemies ahead!
28 I got supplies!
29 Turn on voice chat!

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