1900 Character Voucher Free Event In Bgmi and Pubg

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How To Get 1900 Bgmi Character Free Permanently?

So November month has major changes to the Bgmi and Pubg game. Krafton has added a new system UI, new mode, and new characters for some time in collaboration with Arcane. You can free character vouchers and characters of the Mobile Legends game. But characters will be time-limited (Jynx, Vi, Jayce). Also, you will get free permanent outfits and permanent emotes. As a gift from arcane to all Bgmi and Pubg players.

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So Bgmi and Pubg have introduced a new female character in Bgmi and Pubg. For this character launch event, many events come. One of them is "Anna joins the battle". In this event, you will get free 350 character vouchers on some missions. But now Bgmi and Pubg have given information that this event will be continued all over November month. The first weak was interesting and challenging. Fist event has given about 350 character vouchers. There will be a total of five-week events. This means you will get a total of 1750 Character vouchers and 150 character vouchers will be given to you as a gift when you upgrade your character level.

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Week two character voucher event has already started in Pubg all versions. Bgmi will also bring the second-week event, but it will be delayed to 2 or 3 days, as compared to the Pubg. You can buy any two characters from this event. Depends upon which character you buy?
Because Carlo is at 1200 UC or Character voucher similarly Andy. Also, Sara, Anna, and Victor unlock at 600 UC or a character voucher. You can buy any two-character vouchers free from this event. But my favorite is Carlo and Anna. Which male and female character is your favorite, comment us below!!!

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23 November 2021

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